News about Copa America Price Money and 2015 price distribution

The new rumor that is coming and flying in the air about copa america 2016 is that CONMEBOL doent have enough of funds to cover up the 2016 copa america price money of $10 million. This news arised when a report is published in Uruguay.

As per the report, CONMEBOL is found guilty in the curruption scandal for FIFA and this is the reason why CONMEBOL cannot pay the copa america price money of 2016. This year the total price money has to be distributed is $10 million and it is shared among the top three participants. The winner will get $4 million this year while the team that will come second will get $3 million, third positioned team will get $2 million and the team that will come on fourth position will get $1 million.

As per the report the institution that was providing the funds is under investigation. FBI and United Stated Department of General Prosecution is working together to sort out the issue and so the funds have been blocked.

In the initial stage of investigation it is found that there is a major bribery scandal came up when the FIFA was operated. The person who was found guilty was named as Nicolas Leoz and who was the former FIFA executive member of committee. He was also the president of CONMEBOL in the past.

The final match of copa amercia 2015 was wont by chile when they had a tough fight with argentina. They won the match with 4 – 1 on penalties because there was no goal in the 120 minutes of match.

  1. The fair play trophy was given to Peru.
  2. The best goal keeper trophy was given to Claudio Bravo who belong from chile team.
  3. The best Young player trophy was given tio Jeison Murillo from Columbia
  4. Top scorer trophy was given to Eduardo Vargas (Chile) amd Paoli Guerrero ( peru )

Lets see who becomes the copa america 2016 winner.

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